Meet Kari


Why Kari?

I've been where you are now.

 Days where you avoid ( procrastinate)  getting things done because it was going to be a 'conflict'. Lost sleep.

Worry.... over work, feeling overwhelmed, being passed over for jobs, not getting results in your current job, thinking soon someone will figure out you are an imposter.

Dealing with people - co-workers, customers, bosses was not always easy ....but you have to do it.

Try not to get sucked into out of the drama at work.

Find the 'people' stuff just gets tiring...

Been in the 'thick of it' in all kinds of workplaces. I can help you with whatever gets thrown your way.

I'm an optimist and I believe everyone has tremendous potential, we simply need to believe in ourselves and tap into it.

I live to inspire and help people achieve their dreams

Personally, I have an amazing husband who also happens to be an afficionado at making bulletproof coffee and doing laundry. We have a smart, strong and talented teenage daughter who makes us proud every day. 


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A Coach who's Been there..and Back

 As a former corporate executive, and with experience both as a Human Resources and business consultant .....I have a secret weapon  - I've been there and know what it takes to succeed. In everyday life and at work or your business.

I know how challenging it can be to find balance and stay sane.

Humbled to be asked to be  member of Forbes Coaches Council. My focus is on ensuring that you have everything you need to succeed. You can succeed and you will.

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