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Complimentary MINDSET Breakthrough

 Find out how to get the results you deserve.

Are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed, a bit like an imposter at times?Wondering why things always happen to you and not everyone else?

Know you can do something big but holding yourself back? What’s that thing at home, work, in your life that you want to shift but haven’t gotten around to yet? How to start?

Let’s talk and see how we can start your growth and break through the barriers

anywhere from 30 to 60 mins - block off 60 minutes in your calendar, this is not to be rushed  if you truly want to have growth this will be powerful


VIP Half Day Intensive

Do a deep dive into your world and work on creating the life you deserve. This session is for someone who needs to power through and get some clear goals, break a barrier or create an action plan NOW, then hit SEND and get STUFF DONE !

If you want to see what coaching is like this is a fast way to see if it makes sense for you.

Is a 3 hour investment worth it for an action plan, some clarity and the path to the life you deserve?

1 -   three (3) hour session

vip half day intensive

boss big individual growth coaching

 Individual Mindset Coaching

You need to move  from the reality of ‘this shit keeps happening to me ‘ and move to “this IS ME!” Gain confidence, clarity and competence . We'll work on both what’s going on behind the scenes,  how you show up every day, and what’s in the way or holding you back. This is meant to be powerful, full of purpose and yes, you’ll be held accountable. You can realize the life you dream of AND crush your goals AND be a BOSS.

Coaching is one hour per week for 3 weeks a month

Minimum 6 month contract


 Mindset Group Coaching

Grab your squad and let’s get your BOSS and people whisperer started 

Group coaching is great for a team, an organization or work partners who want to work towards the same goal but each in their own unique way. You can support and help each other within our own #BOSS SQUAD. Two 2 hour sessions a month. 

 minimum 6 month contract or results won't happen

big boss group coaching


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