Speaking and Training

Your session had a huge impact on our volunteers. Over lunch, I had the opportunity to chat with some of them; in particular, I had conversations with some who seemed particularly uncomfortable with crossing names off their sheet. All of them have such reverence for their heroes, but your passionate message filled them with excitement. They really began to believe that they were impactful members of their community, and were thrilled to think that they could contribute in the same ways that their heroes have.
Again, thank you so much for .. your incredible session.
— Geoff C

Authenticity: your secret weapon to being a great leader

Get people to open up without having to put on a mask. Coming across weak or too strong won't bring the respect you deserve. Master balancing leadership with authenticity. Become the leader that people admire and employees want to work for.

Your online Brand - do you think before you post those selfies?

Social media has advanced the ability to communicate about ourselves in leaps and bounds. Yet do you know that what you post will impact how others view you - potential employers, partners, clients - anyone who's online. You need to be aware that everything you post is viewable and might be viewed. Don’t limit your opportunities by having people negatively prejudge you

How being gender intelligent can help everyone at work

What if women (and men) were aware of the biases that existed for both in the workplace? Learn how you can be more aware and empowered as you engage on your journey as an employee or a leader. Knowing how to see the bias and barriers will make you tackle challenges differently. You can navigate the peaks and valleys of the workplace more easily and come out ahead. And be a more empowering leader.


In today's world being part of 2 ( or more) families is similar to going through a merger or an acquisition. The skills learned make you view the world and your work differently. How you choose to use your skills and knowledge is the key.

I have other topics and ideas based upon the theme or needs of your audience.       I do live events, workshops and podcasts.